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Episode 102: High Def Sparkles

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This week we discuss the next evolution of the Podcast thanks to our host Mevio suspending our hosting account without warning. Please resubscribe at our new iTunes feed above and direct download the show from the link at the bottom of the page. We also discuss Michael’s new figures, and the quality of American sitcom cartoons. In news Funimation discontinues 4 DVD/blu-ray titles, Sentai Filmworks adds Zettai Karen Children and Getbackers, Tite Kubo’s Bleach enters final arc, Sailor Moon reaches No. 1 graphic novel in US bookstores, 1st Madoka Magica episode to be streamed dubed, and Black Rock shooter to be streamed in 8 subbed languages. In our main segment Michael gives his first impressions of the Kimi Ni Todoke blu-ray release and I give a hopefully spoiler free review of Mawaru Penguindrum.


Episode 102 - High Def Sparkles


Episode 101: De Geso!


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This week, in order to break some kind of record, we talk about Skyrim once again including all the My Little Pony mods that are now available. In our main segment we review the second season of Squid Girl! and come to the obvious conclusion that we need more Squid Girl! In news Apollon reunites Cowboy Bebop Director and Composer, Funimation suspends Dragon Ball Z blu-ray production, NISA licenses daily lives of High School Boys anime, U.S. Librarians rank top ten teens graphic novels, Niconico to stream High School dxd; Symphogear; milky holmes 2, Cave Akai Katana shooter to be released in the US, Right stuf to release the original Dirty Pair Features, and Funimation to change combo packaging to Blu-ray size.


Episode 101 - De Geso