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Episode 74: Summer Season 2011, Part 1



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This week former co-host Jon Ingoglia from Out of Time Productions joins us to review some new series of the summer season. Also, I talk about my weekend at ConnectiCon 2011 where I gave my first two panels, Micheal reviews some shows finishing up from the Spring season, and Jon talks about the first half of last season’s Denpa Onna. In News, Macross Frontier concert in Playtation Home, Evangelion Tokyo store and Priuses, K-On! fans spend 13 million yen on Mugi’s birthday, Maiden Japan adds Ray, Discoek adds Lupin the III anime, Otakon announces a ton of events and guests like Noboru Uematsu; Masao Maruya; Kazuya Mura; Angel Scandys premiere and concert; and Madoka Magica premiere and producer.

Summer Season shows discussed:

Cat God
Sacred Seven
Kamisama Dolls
Usagi Drop
No. 6


Episode 54: Katsucon 2011


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This week Charles Dunbar from Study of Anime joins us to review Katsucon 2011. Also, the Funimation Blu-rays for Summer Wars and FLCL, the newest Case Closed flim, the K-On! live Blu-ray, and Gundam Wing. In News Funimation adds To and Sgt. Frog Season 3, True Grit producer wants a live-action Star Blazers, K-On! first franchise to sell over half a million Blu-ray, K-On! movie gets a solid date, Atlus’ Catherine is too tough for Japanese gamers, Lucky Star is getting a musical, Sega releases 46 game classic collection, English-subbed Denno Coil heads to iOS, Harry Potter script writer joins live-action Akira, and Squid Girl’s second season is coming.



Episode 52 - Snatching Away Children's Power


Episode 46: Best of 2010




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We end the year with a round table of bloggers; Eric Robinson from The Austin Critic , JLSkun from The Golden Waste 4.0, and Micheal Camacho from The Otaku Gamer; who bring their three favorite, and one least favorite, Anime of 2010.


Episode 41: I’m thankful for Mio-Chan




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It’s thanksgiving in the United States and that brings turkey, family, and a short show because we’re lazy. Jon talks about Seraphim Call while Scott praises both Now and Then, Here and There and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Gobble-Con was an event that.. happened and Scott talked to Matt Meyers of Leet Street Boys. In news Key is working on a possible Angel Beats! game, Media Blasters restarts their boys-love manga line, Solid State Society will be converted into 3D, K-On Franchise sells over half a million BD and DVDs, and Working!! is licensed by NIS America.