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Episode 147: Tumbling down the slope

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This week we’re both exhausted and overly negative, don’t worry we’re not going anywhere any time soon... probably. In news Crunchyroll licenses a bunch of titles, NIS America adds love live School idol anime, and Viacom launches Japan focused MTV81. In our final segment Scott gives a rambly and difficult review of Shinichirō Watanabe’s Kids on the Slope.

Episode 147: Tumbling Down the Slope


Episode 103: Anime like it's 1985


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This week we discuss some Double Zeta Gundam and some Dirty Pair TV as well as Michael’s updates in his Winter Season progress Plus, Michael remembers the good old days of anime fandom. Also more Skyrim chat and buying hotel rooms for anime conventions. In news Sentai Filmworks licenses Planzet CG and The Book of Bantorra, NISA announces Occult Academy Blu-ray, Ken Akamatsu’s Negima! to end in three chapters, Toei animation sues 869 BitTorrent users over One Piece, and AX 2010 lost $1.2 Million; still in debt for $700,000.

Episode 103: Anime like its 1985


Episode 101: De Geso!


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This week, in order to break some kind of record, we talk about Skyrim once again including all the My Little Pony mods that are now available. In our main segment we review the second season of Squid Girl! and come to the obvious conclusion that we need more Squid Girl! In news Apollon reunites Cowboy Bebop Director and Composer, Funimation suspends Dragon Ball Z blu-ray production, NISA licenses daily lives of High School Boys anime, U.S. Librarians rank top ten teens graphic novels, Niconico to stream High School dxd; Symphogear; milky holmes 2, Cave Akai Katana shooter to be released in the US, Right stuf to release the original Dirty Pair Features, and Funimation to change combo packaging to Blu-ray size.


Episode 101 - De Geso


Episode 98: Goodbye Bandai

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We’re back from our Winter break with our tales from video game adventures, illnesses, and complaining about game of the year awards.  Our main topic is, of course, Bandai’s announcement to stop releasing DVDs and an analysis of the interview with Ken Iyadomi. In news Sentai Filmworks licenses Moretsu Pirates, Someday Dreamer, and Ano Natsu de Matteru; NIS America licenses Natsume Yujin Cho and Brave 10; Phantom Breaker to be released in the west, Crunchyroll licenses all the shows, and Hollywood reporter reports Live Action Akira production is shut down.



Episode 94: K-On! It just prints money